We have prepared various videos to understand on the usage of the software.
We recommend you to whatch them all before you start using the software.

Video Sections

How Costing is Worked out

This Section will help you to understand how the costing is been working.
By knowing this you could create better estimates as you will have a good understanding of the software.


CRUD is Create, Read, Update and Delete
in this section we will explain you how to add various data to the software.

Setup Working

This section is impotant for you to understand how other cost will work as manufacturing is more than just cycle time working.
All the non machining and other costing will be covered in this section.


In this section we will cover all the operations how to use them along with Dual Tool Selection and Strategies implementation.


This is one of the powerful feature that we have added to the software this will help you to take a judicious call during negotiations and ensure that you gain a profitable business.

Printing Estimates

In this section we will cover how we will prepare the estimates that we are going to send to our customers.

Installing VRiddhi

In this section we will cover how to install the sofware and start using it.

Extend Demo or Buy

In this section we will cover how you will extend the demo perion and proceed with buying the software

Sub Spindle Lathe Costing

In this section we will cover how you will work with sub spindle turning and turnmill costing

We recommend you to watch all the videos as we have included lot of features that are possible t lost them all but will help you in getting the right knowledge of using the software.
As mentioned any person who knows basic manufacturing will be able to generate quick estimates using VRiddhi Machining Cost and Cycle Time Estimation Software.
For proper use of the software you will need to know the working in details.